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Guest Accident Protection

Why accident insurance is a good idea  

If a customer has a serious accident on your property on or off the slopes and they need medical care, they will likely have out-of-pocket costs, even if they have health insurance. Most medical insurance policies will cover the accident but may only pay for part of the medical costs. For example, many plans have a high deductible of $5,000 or $10,000 that must be met before their insurance pays. Some plans will pay a lower percentage of costs if the patient is out-of-network, which is more likely if the patient is visiting from out-of-town. Some plans only cover ground ambulance, or do not cover ambulance at all. The bottom line is that any accident is likely to cost your customers money.  

How the coverage works  

The small cost of the coverage is added to price of the lift ticket or season pass. It is seamless for the customer, and a great value-add for the resort. If an accident occurs, the customer will simply submit the claim with their medical bills or receipts to our company. Claims are typically processed in 7-10 days.  


The Guest Accident Protection product is available throughout the U.S., except in MD, ND, NH, & WA.   

All daily and season pass holders of the policyholder are eligible for this coverage while participating in sponsored activities on policyholder premises. Excludes coverage for those designated as employees of the policyholder, ski-patrol, competitive skiers and riders, or those deemed to have ski professional status.  

Coverage options  

Policy limitations may apply. Pricing may differ across states. Please see policy forms for complete list of coverages and exclusions.



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